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Mission Quicklist:

Bike Across America

Become a Pilot
Tea with Conan O'Brien
Pass a Harvard class
Be a visible extra in a movie
Be a passenger in a fighter jet
Knit a sweater

Read War and Peace
-Current Mission-
Build a wheelchair
Japanese game show participant

Eat a Habanero pepper
Volunteer a Year of Life

The Quest for Thriving

Welcome to the social media experiment. Translated from the latin words "inter" and "populus", the title of the website translates to "through the community." In the least bit intrigued? Well then read on!

Who likes fighting gravity and winning? Everyone.

On this site, I'm providing experiences I'm setting out to achieve. These experiences are meant to be out of the ordinary and are designed to expand understanding of the world, infuse the spirit with passion for life, and increase self-awareness. Many of the experiences will be difficult to achieve, but the belief "with the right attitude anything is possible" will be providing the jet fuel for the journey. There will also be several saucy and simpler experiences that should provide a bit of fun.

I am inviting you into the experience. Learn more through my Plan. I do not believe myself capable of achieving much without your support, so consider yourself highly valued. You'll be able to track my progress, become a part of the experience, or simply kick back and check out the happenings.

Challenge: Life life fully Deep down, we all want to soar.

So what follows is my sacred accumulation of hopes/dreams/challenges/strivings. It is tentative, and ranges from realistic to difficult to ridiculous. Without further ado, the pleasure is all mine:

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After reading Tolstoy's
"The Death of Ivan Ilych"

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